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Test a Project Idea

Takes just minutes!

Test a Project Idea 100 points!* Why it is important: Every set of eyes sees something slightly different. We know that if a number of members do a Project Idea, they may each identify problems or areas of confusion that we did not. Feedback from community members who test our Project Ideas enables us to improve our science and engineering Project Ideas for everyone. And, we need to know if students find our write-ups clear, useful, and accurate.

*You will receive points after your submission receives a sufficient number of thumbs up votes.
Vote 5 points! Why it is important: By rating submissions thumbs up or thumbs down, you tell us which feedback to pay attention to and free up our staff to generate even more fresh content.

Instructions: Helping us debug new Project Ideas or retesting selected older ones is a fun way to help the Science Buddies community! Go to one of the Project Idea pages listed below and carefully read the entire project and complete the experiment.

As you review the Project Idea and work through the steps of the Experimental Procedure, keep track of:

Once you are finished testing, you can give us feedback by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Comments from previous testers appear at the bottom of the Project Idea page, and you can vote on each one! Generally, Project Ideas take several hours or more to complete.

Project Ideas Needing Testing Date Posted Testers Still Needed Voters Still Needed
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