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The State of Science Education

"In 2011, students whose teachers reported that their students do hands-on projects every day or almost every day scored higher on average than students whose teachers reported students did hands-on projects in class less frequently."

The Nation's Report Card

View The State of Science Education: Policies and Test Results

Newsworthy: Science Buddies in Action

Science Buddies in Action shows how real kids and teachers are using Science Buddies materials to create interesting science projects with success.

Students Mirror Investigations Performed by Researchers at MIT

Screen capture of Dr. Elizabeth Young from an interview

Science Buddies partners with well-known academic institutions to make cutting-edge research accessible to K-12 students. "A few years ago, I began researching renewable energy technology at MIT," said Dr. Elizabeth Young. "This high-level work requires equipment and materials costing tens of thousands of dollars. Now through Science Buddies, we've created a similar experiment that students can perform in their own kitchens. These 'kids' are exploring catalysts for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, at the same time becoming passionate about developing alternative fuels for their generation."

Dr. Elizabeth Young, MIT Researcher

The Importance of Family Science

Two women and two children perform a science experiment in the kitchen

Are you looking for great ways to bring science into your family time? In past "Science Mom" appearances, former Science Buddies Executive Director Courtney Corda shared how easy it is to do simple science projects at home with kids and how to initiate an ongoing dialogue with kids about science. Parents can inspire hands-on scientific inquiry at home with projects found on "Family Dinner: Serving Up Science" and "Family Science" from the Science Buddies Blog!

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