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Cricket Wicket Knockdown—2020 Engineering Challenge Results

Knock Over the Wickets Quickly

The 2020 competition is over, but you can still try this challenge for fun! Can you build a device to quickly and repeatedly knock down a wicket? How many knockdowns can you make in three minutes?

Full details, including the building, testing, and scoring procedures, can be found in these formats:

Congratulations to All Participants

More than 4,900 students from 8 countries participated in the 2020 Science Buddies Engineering Challenge to create a machine capable of repeatedly launching a ball to knock down a wicket. Over 1750 teams built their machines from simple materials (like cups, craft sticks, rubber bands, tape, and cardboard tube) and then competed to see how many times they could knock down a wicket in a three-minute window. We were impressed by the wide range of creative designs, perseverance, and excellent teamwork we saw from the participants. Figure 1 shows a small sample of the hundreds of fantastic knockdown machines students created.

Grid of photos showing students from all over the world who entered the 2020 Engineering Challenge
Figure 1. A few of the teams who submitted Cricket Wicket solutions for the 2020 Engineering Challenge

All eligible team entries were placed into random prize drawings based on their geographic location. Congratulations to the ten winning teams listed in Table 1 whose names were drawn from the eligible pools! Each of these teams earned $1,000 USD from Fluor Corporation for their school or afterschool program.

Team School / Program
Houston Metropolitan Area, TX
Star Base Southwest Glen Mission in Sugar Land, TX
Greenville Metropolitan Area, SC
Candy Crushers Northwood Middle School in Taylors, SC
Orange County, CA
Jumbo Squad;) Samueli Academy in Santa Ana, CA
Calgary, Alberta
No Centennial High School in Calgary, Canada
United States (including Puerto Rico)
CHEEZ ITs Pilgrim Lutheran School in Menomonee Falls, WI
The Purple Musketeers and the Girl St Laurence Catholic School in Sugar Land, TX
The Wickets St Joan of Arc School in Aberdeen, MD
The Brains Cloverdale Traditional School in Victoria, BC, Canada
Yabut's Brothers Philippine Christian School of Tomorrow, Paranaque City, Philippines
ASP Team 3 Abingdon Science Partnership in Abingdon-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Table 1. Random drawing winners of the 2020 Engineering Challenge

Top Ten Scores Overall

The 2020 Science Buddies Engineering Challenge, sponsored by Fluor Corporation, was open to students in grades K-12. The top 10 scores, overall, for the 2020 Challenge are shown in Table 2. All scores were validated by Science Buddies staff based on submission photos and the Challenge rules. Regardless of score, all entries that met the geographic requirements were entered in the random drawings.

A histogram of scores shows that most teams scored between 0 and 1500 points on the 2020 Engineering Challenge.
"I just love seeing the students discover how failure leads to success. So many students were frustrated with their projects initially but ended up so excited about their outcome. We LOVE the [engineering] challenge! My students look forward to this challenge all year. "

(Teacher, Visual & Performing Art Magnet School)
Top Cricket Wicket Knockdown Scores
Team Age
The Pizza Rolls 12 11,954
The Lads 11 8,900
UwU 13 8,767
Team Blank 15 8,463
The Muffinades 13 8,181
French Pies 11 8,056
Endless Time 14 8,055
TRIPLE B 12 8,054
OwO Group 11 7,785
H2O 13 7,560
Team Infinity 13 7,560
Table 2. 2020 Engineering Challenge top scores

Top Scores by Age

Students entering the Science Buddies Engineering Challenge work in teams of up to four students. To recognize the hard work students did creating and testing their solutions and to give students a better sense of how their solutions and scores compare to other students of similar age, the tables and graphs below show the top scores and score distribution for submissions from ages 6-10, 11-14, and 15-18. (Note: The age used for each team is the average age of all members on the team.)

A histogram of scores shows that most elementary school teams scored between 0 and 1000 points on the 2020 Engineering Challenge.

"Using teamwork was our teams' favorite part!"

(GOATS, Albertus W. Becker School)
Top Cricket Wicket Scores—Ages 6-10
Team School/Program Score
King Midas Taunggyi International School 7,536
AESTHETIC GIRL POWER Brainworks International School 7,289
KHINE MIN KHANT Brainworks International School 6,869
CANNABOLT Brainworks International School 6,374
ROBOTOXIAN Brainworks International School 6,274
Pegasus Unioto Elementary 5,955
PHWAY Taunggyi International School 5,948
Fluor Girls1 Brainworks International School 5,775
Galaxy Girl Taunggyi International School 5,671
The Creative Brain Brainworks International School 5,662
Table 3. 2020 Engineering Challenge top scores for ages 6-10

A histogram of scores shows that most middle school teams scored between 0 and 1500 points on the 2020 Engineering Challenge

"My favorite part of the Engineering Challenge was being able to come up with an invention that worked and was able to complete a task. It was so cool to see our idea come to life."

(Party Poppers, White Pine Charter School)
Top Cricket Wicket Scores—Ages 11-14
Team School/Program Score
The Pizza Rolls Churchill County Middle School 11,954
The Lads Unioto Elementary 8,900
UwU Brainworks International School 8,767
The Muffinades Brainworks International School 8,181
French Pies Brainworks International School 8,056
Endless Time Brainworks International School 8,055
TRIPLE B Taunggyi International School 8,054
OwO Group Unioto Elementary 7,785
H20 Brainworks International School 7,560
TEAM INFINITY Brainworks International School 7,560
Table 4. 2020 Engineering Challenge top scores for ages 11-14

A histogram of scores shows that most high school teams scored between 0 and 2500 points on the 2020  Engineering Challenge

"We really felt the adrenaline rush! Knocking down the widget was F. U. N.! Above all, the bond we shared as we did challenge together as a team was remarkable."

(Ramonian Shooters, Ramon Duterte Memorial National High School)
Top Cricket Wicket Scores—Ages 15-18
Team School/Program Score
Team Blank Brainworks International School 8,463
Carpet Company LTD Brainworks International School 7,476
Flower Hashiras Brainworks International School 7,179
KOOKIE Taunggyi International School 6,685
SOLO Brainworks International School 6,463
TISA NHS "WHY TEAM" TISA National High School 6,171
Team Single Brainworks International School 5,965
Team XD Brainworks International School 5,762
Squadx North Bay Haven Charter Academy 5,543
E-Tech 15 Vern Riffe Career Technology C 5,457
Table 5. 2020 Engineering Challenge top scores for ages 15-18

Group of students pointing at their 2020 Engineering submission and smiling
Figure 2. One of the teams who submitted Cricket Wicket solutions for the 2020 Engineering Challenge

Students Embrace the Challenge

Students who entered the 2020 Science Buddies Engineering Challenge had the chance to explore, firsthand, what it means to be an engineer and to collaborate with others to solve a problem and improve a solution. Here are a few examples of what students (and their teachers) told us about their experience doing this year's Cricket Wicket Kockdown Challenge:

"It was cool, even though we didn't score. We tried."  (YEET, Homeschool Plus)
"The students' perseverance. They came in during recess to try and get more "knock downs"! "  (Teacher, SS Mary-Alphonsus Catholic School)
"My favorite part of this project was the experience of working together on making the design. This project allowed our team to think creatively and build on our thinking. We were able to work as a team and grow together using new methods of problem solving."  (Dragon Fruits, Ellington Middle School)
"This challenge gives them a glimpse of what it takes to be an engineer. The students actually realized that it is fun to design and that they too can become an engineer."  (Teacher, TISA National High School)
"The students were engaged, actively collaborating, and problem solving. Some who didn't feel like they were going to do well, were surprised at their successes. Many students could also see the importance of a positive mindset, and perseverance."  (Teacher, Colverdale Traditional School)
"Our favorite part of the challenge was working together. We failed a few times but we kept trying until we succeeded."  (LeMaWi, St. Wenceslaus School)
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