Rock Candy Experiment

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Rock Candy Experiment

Post by Mapleleaf22 »

Hi, we did the experiment yesterday using 5:1 sugar and water. The mixture was not clear and it became milky solid after we poured it into the small cups. We We did this last year and it was successful. Anyone have any ideas? And is it possible we could reuse the mixture by adding more water to do the experiment again? Thank you.
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Re: Rock Candy Experiment

Post by AmyCowen »

Which directions were you using?

There is a project version and an activity version at Science Buddies. Neither uses a 5:1 ratio.

Activity: ... rock-candy
Project: ... y-crystals

You might want to review the steps in either of these to see how it compares to what you did. There is a video in the activity version as well.

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