Getting Research Mentors/Research Institution

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Getting Research Mentors/Research Institution

Post by anupuri »

I've read up on finding research mentors and know the typical ways to do it, but how would a student without much experience besides independent research get approval to conduct research at a university/research institution? From what I can see so far, most student researchers do this by winning an award/recognition first. At that point, would you reach out to colleges directly or would they somehow invite you? Are there any other (lesser known) ways to conduct research under a professor at a university like that?

Also, ...

Hello! I'm new to advanced science competitions for high schoolers and am hoping to compete in ISEF this year :D !

From the projects I've seen, a lot of people print out one big "poster" of their content and stick it onto their trifold display rather than sticking many papers onto it. What are typical practices for doing this? I have a layout ready for printing, and am also wondering where I could get these things printed (for reference, the board I'm going with is 36 * 48 inches).

Can you get these done at your local Staples/Office Depot or do you have to go to a large-scale print shop? Are there any special paper types or finishes recommended to add if you choose to go with one big print?

Moderator note: I combined your two questions so the experts can see both questions. I also cross-posted this to the Grades 9-12 Life Sciences, since there are more experts who monitor that forum for new questions. Best of luck with your project!
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Re: Getting Research Mentors/Research Institution

Post by AmyCowen »

For more information about finding mentors, please see this guide: ... tem-mentor

If you have questions about project display boards, you might want to start a new post. But you should check the fair rules and guidelines for specific information about what kind of board counts.

You will find our science fair project display board guide here: ... lay-boards

The kind of poster you are describing can be printed at local copy shops. You can call and find out their requirements, but you should be able to take in a file or upload it to have it printed.

You may also find the Advanced Projects guide helpful: ... mpetitions

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