Arduino Clinostat

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Arduino Clinostat

Post by Nit_potato »


I am working on an Arduino Clinostat but there are a few issues I have
1. Is there any alternative to Petri Dish that I can use? as the petri dishes are taking a week to arrive.
2. Can a 180 degree positional servo motor be used instead of the continuous rotating 360 degree one??

For reference to the project- ... -clinostat

Thank you,
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Re: Arduino Clinostat

Post by akulk »

Hi Nit!

Thank you for your question!

1) Possible alternatives for Petri dishes include foil muffin tins and clear Tupperware lids. No matter what you use, however, ensure it has a lip large enough for a layer of agar to be poured into its interior.

2) Unfortunately, if you want to include a clinostat as part of your experimental groups, you will need a 360-degree servo motor. Clinostats continually rotate plants through 360 degrees to eliminate a set direction for gravity; a 180-degree rotation would theoretically not produce the same elimination of gravitational direction.

Hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.

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