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Build, Play, Learn Through the World of Robotics

Fun and Educational Robotics Projects with Complete Step-by-Step Instructions

Building robots is an engaging way to learn about engineering, and end up with a unique toy when you finish! Below are a series of robots for you to build, from simple to more complex, each with a different set of behaviors and options to explore. You can decorate your robot and give it a unique personality using simple craft items.

Simple Robots to Get Started

Put together with a few simple electrical connections, the four robots shown above are the easiest robots to build. For a first-time robot-building experience, you can't go wrong with one of these! These robots offer a wide range of movements and simple behaviors, from shuffling about randomly to scribbling with a marker. One of these robots even free-form dances! These robotics projects are ideal for younger children or for shorter sessions with older, first-time robot builders. A convenient Bristlebot Robotics Kit is available from our partner Home Science Tools with the electronics parts to build the Brushbot, Bristlebot, and Art Bot.

Stepping Up to Fancier Robots

The two robots shown above can serve as a starting point for older kids or as a next step for anyone who has mastered the Simple Robots. These robots have more complex circuitry, but our step-by-step directions (containing plenty of photos) make them straight-forward and fun to build. These robotics projects introduce the concept of alternative power sources (solar vs. battery) as well as the use of sensors that allow a robot to understand and react to its environment in rudimentary ways. An Advanced Bristlebots Robotics Kit is available from our partner Home Science Tools with parts to build either of these robots.

Leveling Up to More Complicated Robots

A BlueBot: 4-in-1 Robotics Kit is available from our partner Home Science Tools to build all four robots above, one at a time. With sleek wheels and a larger battery pack, these robots zoom along faster than the Simple Robots or the Fancier Robots. In addition to more power, each project uses a different type of sensor that allows the robot to react to touch, motion, light, or infrared light for completely different behaviors. Because the chassis needs to be assembled and there is a bit more circuitry to be wired, these projects are the ideal "level up" from the Fancier Robots. Once built, each robot is good for hours of tinkering and play and serves as an excellent stepping-stone to truly complicated robots which combine sensors and programming to further refine behaviors.

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