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Build an Arduino Mass Driver

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Science Fair Project Idea
A mass driver uses electromagnetics to launch projectiles. In the future, such a device could launch payloads into space without the use of chemical rockets. This could lead to long-term cost savings when launching large amounts of material into space—for example, to construct a space station. In this project you will design and build your own working model mass driver as you learn some of the engineering principles behind how mass drivers operate. Read more
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May the 4th be with you! Tie simple science explorations in with Star Wars for Star Wars Day. Great STEM ideas for the classroom or for family science with kids at home. Connect favorite characters, epic movie scenes, Star Wars lore, and more with hands-on learning! May the 4th Be with You (AKA Star Wars Day) May 4th is a day of epic proportions for Star Wars fans. Echoing the popular movie line, the day is celebrated as May the 4th Be with You… Read more
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Use Arduino to combine circuits and programming for a range of cutting-edge physical computing science projects. Use Arduino to Add Coding to Electronics Projects The Arduino UNO is a microcontroller board that makes it easy for students to get started with physical computing. Unlike programming or coding projects that involve writing programs that run on a computer, physical computing (also called embedded computing) involves adding programming to circuit-based projects, like… Read more
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