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Vote 5 points! Why it is important: By rating submissions thumbs up or thumbs down, you tell us which feedback to pay attention to and free up our staff to generate even more fresh content.

Instructions: Users submit feedback in a number of ways. You can choose to vote thumbs up or thumbs down on as many or as few submissions as you wish. You will receive 5 points for each and every vote. You can vote on user feedback in the following areas:

I Did This Project! - Feedback Users provide feedback on Project Ideas they have completed by filling out "I Did This Project!" reports. You can view user feedback on the "Make It Your Own" tab of any Project Idea.
Review a New Web Page Users proofread and comment on the latest pages on our website. You can view user feedback at the bottom of each new page.
Test a Project Idea Users help test and review new Project Ideas, or ones students report having problems with. You can view user feedback at the bottom of the Project Idea.
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