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Academic Outreach Partnerships

Academic Outreach

Hands-on scientific investigations are widely recognized as one of the best ways to teach science. As a science education 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Science Buddies offers a variety of resources that support these activities to teachers, parents, and students from all walks of life.

Science Buddies founder and president, Ken Hess talks about advancing informal science education and offers an overview of successful Academic Outreach Partnerships.

Science Buddies provides free science fair Project Ideas (detailed outlines of scientific questions and the experimental techniques and resources needed to address them), online advice and guidance from science professionals, and science fair tools. In 2013, our website was visited by over 15.4 million unique students, parents, and teachers of diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented minorities.

Ethnicity 2013 Visitors
% Total
African-American 11.2%
Asian, Asian Indian, and Pacific Islander 7.9%
Caucasian or White 28.4%
Hispanic or Latino-American 12.0%
Native American 2.2%
Other 9.9%
Decline to State 28.2%
Total 100%

Approximately 56% of visitors during 2013 were female.

By partnering with Science Buddies to create Project Ideas based on your research, you can help inspire thousands of students, annually, while meeting your own academic outreach and research grant funding needs.

Science Buddies Can Help You Secure Research Grants and Meet Academic Outreach Needs:

Research grants, such as NSF grants, often require that the research team demonstrate the broader impact of its work and/or disseminate its findings to the general public. Many universities and institutes also encourage their researchers to reach out to the community. To help you meet these academic outreach requirements, Science Buddies will:

Examples of Science Buddies Research Grant and Outreach Collaborations:

Science Buddies has had extensive experience and success collaborating with individual researchers, academic institutes, and corporate sponsors to create Project Ideas in more than 30 areas of science. Our services have been particularly useful in helping professors secure NSF research grants, including NSF early career development (CAREER program) grants, and in aiding institutes in fulfilling targeted science education campaigns. Examples of current and previous academic outreach partnerships include researchers at:

These are some of the Project Ideas which have been developed under the program:

We invite you to browse our Project Ideas library for additional examples, particularly in your area of science or engineering.

Learn More About Partnering with Science Buddies for Your Research Grants:

For more information, including pricing details, about how Science Buddies can help fulfill your academic outreach needs or augment your next NSF research grant proposal, please contact us at outreach@sciencebuddies.org.

Additional information about Science Buddies' mission and the science education resources we provide, free of charge to the public, can be found in our About Us section, and by browsing the contents of our website, www.sciencebuddies.org.

Free science fair projects.