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Enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge Video Contest!

Are you America’s Top Young Scientist? Make a video about a STEM solution and enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for a chance to claim the title!

Are you ready to change the future? Share your solution to an everyday problem and enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for a chance to win $25,000 and an exclusive 3M Mentorship!

The 3M Young Scientist Challenge is an annual science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) challenge open to U.S. students in grades 5-8. The challenge is hosted by 3M and Discovery Education and offers the chance to win big for students with creative ideas about how to use STEM to improve life in the future.

To enter, students need to select one of the six entry topics, brainstorm a solution, and then create a 1-2 minute video describing the solution. Entering for a chance to be recognized as America's Top Young Scientist is that easy!

Looking to the Future

The six topic areas for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge are all related to improving life in the future:

  • Improving health
  • Improving safety
  • Improving mobility
  • Improving the environment
  • Improving energy consumption
  • Improving the community

Do you have a great idea for how we could improve life in one of these areas? Keep in mind that ideas submitted need to be original and not based on existing products. This is an opportunity for students in grades 5-8 to think creatively and share their innovative ideas with the world. What they envision as a solution in one of these areas might change the future!

Need Inspiration?

On the 3M Young Scientist Challenge website, students can review thought-provoking questions designed to kickstart brainstorming about each of the six real-world topics. Students will also be inspired by short profiles of previous winners in each category and the ideas they submitted.

Remember, students don't have to actually create a solution to enter. They just need a unique idea!

In the Classroom or at Home—Just Hit Record!

The short video format means that even students working from home this year, remotely or asynchronously, can easily take part in this challenge! All you need is a cell phone or video camera to get started. With an idea in mind, students need to think about how to explain the science, technology, engineering, and math behind their unique solution — and how to summarize it in 1-2 minutes.

Challenge Video Tips on the website are provided to help students prepare to create and submit their video.

Tremendous Prizes

The grand prize winner will receive $25,000! Ten finalists will have the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind summer mentorship with a 3M scientist.

Submissions will be accepted through May 16, 2022.

Resources for Educators

On the 3M Young Scientist Challenge website, educators will find additional resources to help guide students in entering the challenge. Materials include a 4-week roadmap, a letter to families, a project template, and more.

Encourage all of your students in grades 5-8 to enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge and put their STEM knowledge and innovative thinking in the spotlight.

Their ideas for improving the future might just change the world!


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