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Amy Cowen / science writer and social media manager for Science Buddies
Amy Cowen is Online Community Manager at Science Buddies and produces content for the Science Buddies blog, monthly newsletter, and social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Find her on Google+ and at Twitter.

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Three free STEM lesson plans for use with Global Problem Solvers: The series


Team Roles and STEM Inclusion

Using roles in groups for engineering and science activities can help make science class more inclusive.


STEM is for Everyone: Temple Grandin, Animal Scientist with Autism

The unique attributes of autism helped Dr. Temple Grandin succeed in animal science.


Your Science Project Data Wherever You Are

Google's Science Journal app now syncs with Google Drive!


School Launches STEM Fair with Science Projects Done at School

Science Buddies projects were a hit among students working on science and engineering projects for this California school's first STEM fair. Above: These students completed a using Scratch for the STEM Fair. Students in grades K-8 at St.…


5 Reasons Global Problem Solvers: The Series Will Inspire STEM Interest in Your Students

Free Global Problem Solvers animated series features a team of teens using teamwork, STEM, social, and creative skills to solve world challenges.


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Try one of five fun projects for foaming, fizzing, and bubbling reactions!


Simple Science Activities with Cardboard Tubes

Plan one of these hands-on science activities that use cardboard tubes.


Enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for a chance to win $25,000 & exclusive 3M mentorship

Make a video and enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for students grades 5-8!


Make Environmental Sustainability Actionable for Students with These Lessons

Two Lesson Plans help teachers teach sustainability using Google's interactive Your Plan, Your Planet tool.


5 STEM Activities with Marshmallow Peeps

Use seasonal Peeps candies for fun and colorful hands-on science!


Challenges Don’t Stop this School from Making STEM Hands-on

Teachers at this alternative educational program in Kentucky use free science and engineering activities from Science Buddies to provide safe and engaging STEM learning opportunities for their students.


5 STEM Lesson Plans to Teach Forces of Motion

Try one of these five free lesson plans to help students get hands-on with physics and forces of motion.


New Series of Science Buddies Books

Some of our most popular hands-on STEM activities are now available in book form!


16 Women in Engineering to Learn More About

Learn more about 16 women engineers in science history and explore related science projects and STEM careers.

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