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Squirrel Obstacle Course: How Far Can Squirrels Jump?

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Long (2-4 weeks)
Ben Finio, PhD, Science Buddies
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This project idea is inspired by former NASA engineer Mark Rober's "Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course":

Video: Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

You do not need to build a full obstacle course as intricate as Mark's (although you certainly can if you want to!) to make this into a fun science project. For example, how far can squirrels jump? You could test this question by building a mobile post and placing it next to a bird feeder. The bird feeder in Figure 1 is mounted on a metal pole. The pole is protected by a squirrel baffle, a device designed to prevent squirrels from climbing the pole directly. In order to reach the feeder, squirrels must jump from the wooden post. By gradually moving the post farther away, you could measure how far the squirrels can jump.

 A wooden post next to a bird feeder.
Figure 1. A post made from scrap wood placed next to a bird feeder.

Depending on the number of squirrels in your area and how shy they are, you may need a quiet, hidden place to observe your feeder so you do not scare them away. You could also set up a wildlife camera or a "trail cam"—a motion-activated camera that only records photos or video when it detects movement.

You could also make a more advanced obstacle course to test squirrels' ability to climb, navigate a maze, or solve puzzles. Whatever you do, make sure your obstacles are safe and will not harm the squirrels or other wildlife.

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