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Fish Markets and Sustainability *

Time Required Very Long (1+ months)
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The sustainability of our ocean fisheries is a topic of concern for many, including environmentalists and fishermen who make their living on the bounty of the sea. It is important to use sustainable fishing practices so that our fisheries are not over-fished leading to a decline in productivity. Some states require fish markets to post information about their fish so that consumers can make informed decisions about which fish to buy. They post the type of fish (e.g., Coho Salmon), the source of the fishery from where it was taken (e.g., Pacific), and whether it is farmed or wild. Consumers can use a rating index, like the one available from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, to make informed choices. Survey your local market for the types of fish and information they provide. Rate each product for sustainability. Which markets offer the most sustainable varieties of fish? Are there markets that frequently offer varieties of fish that do not adhere to sustainable practices? If you have access to a mentor and a molecular biology research facility, you can actually buy and do molecular studies of the fish, to find out if they are what the market claims them to be. You can use molecular data to tell the difference between Chilean sea bass and striped bass, Atlantic salmon or Pacific salmon, etc. Are the markets accurately reporting the types of fish they sell? (Monterey Bay Aquarium, 2006; USDA Forest Service, 2006; WMC, 2006; NPS, 2006; EPA, 2006)

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Last edit date: 2017-07-28


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