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We've all heard that "practice makes perfect," but what is the best way to practice? For example, does "mental practice" do any good? You'll need at least 9 volunteers for this project. Pick a well-defined sports activity, with a measurable outcome, such as shooting basketball free-throws (measure number of shots taken and number of shots made), or balancing on one foot on a slightly raised beam (measure how long you can do it; if it's too easy, try closing your eyes). Test all volunteers and record their performance. Assign one group to physically practice the activity daily for a specified amount of time; assign a second group to mentally practice the activity daily for the same amount of time; assign a third group to refrain from practicing the activity. Test performance of all volunteers again both 1 and 2 weeks later. Another idea: does it make a difference if your practice time is done all at once (e.g., one 5-minute session) or spread out during the day (e.g. five 1-minute sessions)? (Wiese, 2002, pp. 11-13; 16-18.)


Wiese, J, 2002. Sports Science: 40 Goal-Scoring, High-Flying, Medal-Winning Experiments for Kids. New York: John Wiley and Sons.
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