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Does Birth Order Affect Grade Point Average?

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Is there a correlation between birth order and grade point average? Design a survey study to find out. How many completed surveys do you need for a representative sample of your school? If you limit your survey to one school, would you expect it to be representative of a larger population (such as your county or state?) How do you control for potential effects of parental age at birth? (In other words, younger siblings will have a higher probability of being born to older parents. If there is an apparent correlation between birth order and grade point average, can you distinguish the variable "birth order" from the variable "parental age at birth"?) Can you think of any other potentially confounding variables? This project involves fairly sophisticated statistical analysis. Finding a mentor with expertise in multivariate statistical analysis is highly recommended. (Simpson and Yandell, 2003)


Simpson, C. and Yandell, K., 2003. " '1, 2, 3 As Easy As A, B, C' Myth or Fact: Does Birth Order Affect Your Grade Point Average?" California State Science Fair Project Abstract [accessed February 1, 2006] http://cssf.usc.edu/History/2003/Projects/23033.pdf.
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