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How Fast Can You Shoot a Hockey Puck?

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You'll need: a puck, a hockey stick, a tape measure, at least one helper with a stopwatch and an empty rink. Have your friend start the watch just as you make contact with the puck, and stop it when the puck hits the boards. Measure the distance and divide by the time to get the speed of the puck. With two helpers and two stop watches, you can time the puck at center ice and at the far end. Are the speeds the same? How about if you don't follow through, but stop your stick as soon as it hits the puck? What if someone passes you the puck and you shoot it back? (Idea from Gardner, 2000, 21, 37-38.)


Gardner, R., 2000. Science Projects About the Physics of Sports. Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers.
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