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Science Projects

Science Project Ideas

Our Topic Selection Wizard helps you narrow down an area of science that's best for you. If you already have an area of science in mind, then look at our Science Project Ideas.


Science Project Answers

Our new Ask an Expert online bulletin board offers personalized help to answer anyone and everyone's science project questions.


Science Project Guide

Read our Science Project Guide for detailed guidance and examples to help you do the best possible science project. The guide includes information on how to set up a science project, keeping a lab notebook, making a display board, and much more!


Teacher and Parent Resources

Teacher Resources: Everything teachers need to plan, manage, and evaluate a science fair or a science project in the classroom.

Parent Resources: New! Science Buddies now offers many valuable (and free) parent resources to help you encourage your children's scientific interests, whether for science fair projects or beyond.

Free science fair projects.