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With needle, conductive thread, LEDs, and a power source, you can transform your own accessories or clothes into wearable electronics.

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Adding solar panels to a brushbot project gives a new twist to an intermediate robotics building activity, but does it offer more power?

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With paper, markers, LEDs, and copper tape, kids can get a hands-on introduction to electronics and circuits and turn their own drawings and creative projects into ones that light up!

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How do your favorite veggies compare when it comes to generating power? Find out with a hands-on science electronics kit from the Science Buddies Store!

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A classic science project takes on Halloween tones with candy corn-colored candies, a few ordinary toothpicks, and a bunch of triangles.

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An orange scrub brush gives a family science activity a boost of jack-o-lantern-inspired fun and leads to a great robotics exploration.

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We go DIY with molecular gastronomy and family science as we make our own popping boba using the Spherification Kit.

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Assembling a simple wooden train and track with cleverly placed magnetic strips lets kids experiment with a train that levitates off the track and zips effortlessly from one end to the other when pushed. What happens when you add a bit of weight?…

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We put the Ping Pong Catapult to use with a bag of plastic eggs for some high-flying family physics fun!

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Building light-tracking robots as a family activity lets you and your kids take next steps in electronics and circuitry! My kids and I had a great time over the summer whetting our teeth on basic robotics and electronics by transforming…

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