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First Grade, Artificial Intelligence Science Projects (2 results)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that enables computers and robots to perform tasks requiring intelligence. The tasks can be as simple as programming a computer to play an easy game like tic-tac-toe or as challenging as having a computer diagnose and treat a sick patient. Sometimes artificial intelligence is used to get machines to do things that humans already do well, like using spoken language to communicate. Other times AI is used to do tasks that are hard for humans, like predicting how new proteins might fold up into 3D structures and how those structures interact with other nearby proteins.

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Machine learning is a subfield of AI where a machine "learns" how to do something without the programming telling it exactly how to deal with every step. In machine learning, a computer is given data from which it builds a model, and that model can repeatedly be trained, tested, and have more data added until it performs well. Companies are using machine learning to build robots that walk, self-driving cars, computers that can compose music, and many other types of technology.

You can try your hand at AI and machine learning with these exciting projects and experiments.

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Science Fair Project Idea
Can you tell if the pictures on this page are real or generated by a computer? Artificial intelligence (AI) generated images have exploded in popularity, bringing plenty of controversy along with them. An AI-generated image of a tiger or a flower might seem harmless, but artificial images of people or events can contribute to "fake news." In this science project you will investigate whether people can tell the difference between real pictures and pictures generated by AI. Can you spot the… Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
What should you eat for breakfast today? What should you wear to school? You make many decisions every day and consider lots of information when making those decisions. What if you could train a computer to make those decisions for you using artificial intelligence? In this project, you will not need to do any computer programming yourself, but you will do some simple math to show how a computer program called a neural network can learn to make decisions. If you want to try a version of the… Read more
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