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Science Fair Passports

Key Objective

Organize a passport activity to increase fair attendance and encourage visiting students to enjoy learning from the fair, communicating with fair participants, and being inspired by their peers' projects.


For elementary school, use our elementary school passport template, which asks students to simply visit the science fair projects and ask a question. For middle school, use our middle school passport template, which asks students to identify particular aspects of the science fair projects.


The Science Fair Passport is a way to get students who did not participate in the science fair involved with the projects and their peers. Each visiting student receives a passport containing spaces that he or she must fill in. Once the student gets all of the spaces filled in, he or she wins a small prize. Elementary school students receive stickers for passport spaces just by visiting projects and asking one project-related question. Middle school students play more of a scavenger-hunt version. They must find and list projects that meet characteristics listed on the passport.


When you are ready to publicize the science fair, mention the passport activity in newsletter articles or memos to other teachers.

At least one month before the fair, seek donations of prizes that students will win when they complete their passports. For the elementary school version, purchase stickers for student science fair participants to hand out to students who visit their projects.

Print out the appropriate passport template for your grade level.

During the fair:


Use the following Science Buddies resources for this Science Project Enrichment Tool:


The passport activity challenges visiting students to become participants in the fair by requiring them to interact with the projects. The activity helps participating students feel that the school community values their work and it ensures that their fellow students take the time to review the science fair projects.


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Free science fair projects.