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NASA employee using virtual reality training technology.
Virtual reality—is it just a bunch of hype or technology that will stick around and change our lives? It is too early to say yet, but what we do know is that exploring virtual reality makes for a fun science or engineering project! Making virtual reality (VR) accessible to the public requires lots of different people to work together. Neurobiologists investigate the vision and hearing tricks that make virtual reality possible. Engineers develop virtual reality hardware and software. Animators, video editors, and other technical artists create virtual reality content. You can explore all of these aspects of virtual reality with the resources on this page.

Explore Virtual Reality at Home with Hands-on Projects

Person using a virtual reality headset.
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Test how people respond to viewing images with a VR headset compared to viewing images on a phone.
Experiment with software to design your own virtual world that can be viewed using a VR headset.
Modify an existing VR headset to improve it—or design your own from scratch.
Create a video that lets you test the McGurk effect with volunteers. Do they hear what they see?

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