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Agricultural Technology - Feeding 9 Billion People by 2050

Agricultural Technology -  STEM Projects

How will we feed the world population by the year 2050? The United Nations projects that by 2050 the world population will have risen to 9.7 billion people—more than 2 billion more people than today! To feed everyone, we will need a lot more food, which makes agricultural technology incredibly important. Agricultural technology is the use of science, engineering, and technology to make agriculture (farming) better. This can mean a wide range of things, including preventing plant diseases, gathering data to optimize crop yield (the amount of food you can grow on a piece of land), using resources like water more effectively, or even creating more nutritious versions of a vegetable!

Try one of the projects below to explore some of the solutions farmers, researchers, and engineers are trying around the world. Maybe you'll be working alongside them one day making sure we can feed everyone.

Science Projects and Related Careers

Sensor Solutions

Agricultural Technology - Soil Moisture
Agricultural Technology - Plant Moisture Sensor
Agricultural Technology - Detecting Ripeness
Agricultural Technology -  Using Aerial Photos
Worldwide, millions of gallons of water are wasted in agriculture. Can moisture sensors help farmers conserve water?
Watering too much or too little can slow a plant's growth. Can sensors detect the right amount of water?
Picking unripe produce is wasteful. How can choosing ripe produce be automated?
Can aerial photos help farmers find and solve on-the-ground problems?

Crop Science

Agricultural Technology -  GMO
Agricultural Technology -  Cacao
Agricultural Technology -  Weeds Be Gone!
Agricultural Technology -  Sweet Potato Slips
Can changing a crop at the DNA-level improve how well it grows?
Can knowing the genetics of the cacao plant help protect chocolate supplies?
Does making crops resistant to a weed killer change their ability to thrive?
Potatoes don't have seeds. So how do you grow a new one?

Farming Methods

Agricultural Technology -  Aquaponics
Agricultural Technology -  Dust Busters
Agricultural Technology -  Hydroponics
Agricultural Technology -  Urine Fertilizer
Build a farming system to raise both fish and vegetables at the same time.
Do farmers always need to plow or can less work sometimes lead to better soil?
Can you successfully grow plants without any soil at all?
Fertilizer is expensive. Is urine a good substitute in subsistence farming?

Agricultural Technology in the News

General Agricultural Science

Agriculture Science projects
Student story on soil erosion
Water sensor for the tree
To Till or Not to Till
Strategies to keep student agriculture and plant science projects on track!
Can the use of plants help reduce soil erosion?
Make a tree ornament with a simple circuit to help monitor the water level.
For some farmers, tilling fields is a thing of the past.

AgTech Careers

Free science fair projects.