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Cosmetic Chemistry

Cosmetic chemistry—thousands of personal care products line store shelves. From hair care and lotions to makeup and perfume, consumers have a wide range of choices. It takes science to develop and test products to improve them, offer new benefits, and ensure safety.

Learn more about the science involved in product development while making, testing, and comparing toiletry items in these hands-on science projects.

Science Projects

Comparing Products and Recipes

Cosmetic Chemistry - Lip Balm Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Bath Bomb Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Perfume Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Lotion Science
Create and test your own homemade lip balms.
Experiment with ingredients to see how they vary in fizziness.
Use oils from flowers to explore the science of making perfume.
Which ingredients in skin lotions are most moisturizing?

Soap and Hair Care Product Science

Cosmetic Chemistry - Soap Purification Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Shampoo Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Hair Highlights Science
Cosmetic Chemistry - Hair Elasticity Science
Make your own soap and use salt to purify it.
Make shampoo and see how it compares with store-bought products.
Investigate the science behind turning parts of your hair lighter than the rest of your hair.
Experiment to see whether or not chemical hair lightening affects the elasticity of human hair.

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