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The security on this computer program has been compromised.
Personal messages, photos, banking information, credit card numbers, names, addresses, health records—a lot of your family's private information is stored on computers and zipping through the Internet! Cybersecurity is the act of keeping information, ranging from embarrassing baby photos to national secrets, private and viewed by only the right people. Dig in to the information below to learn more about how cybersecurity works, what you can do to improve the security on your own information, and what it is like to work as a cybersecurity professional.

Explore Cybersecurity with Hands-on Projects

Manila folder stamped with the word deleted
Onscreen warning that computer has been hacked.
RFID readers can be used to steal a person's identity.
Prompt to user to enter password
Explore how forensic computer analysts look for deleted information from a suspect's computer.
Try hacking a few passwords—what you discover may change how you make passwords!
Discover which materials can shield information from being stolen off of an RFID tag.
Investigate the personal cybersecurity habits of your friends and family. Are they protecting their data?

Teach Cybersecurity Using Group Activities

thumbnail dos activity server action processing requests
combination lock
Model what happens during a denial-of-service-attack then problem-solve how to detect and prevent one.
Experiment to see what makes for a strong password with this fast-paced game.

Read the Latest News About Cybersecurity

Learn About Careers in Cybersecurity

Woman checking for security holes in code/
Man writing code at datacenter
Woman checking for security holes in code
Checking code at the Wikimedia Foundation