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Find out how to use Science Buddies resources in your classroom by joining us on Sunday, August 29th for an hour-long, free guided tour of the Science Buddies website (start times below). In this comprehensive online guided tour of the Science…

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My favorite project this week was Burning Calories: How Much Energy is Stored in Different Types of Food? The basic goal of this project from the Cooking & Food Science interest area is to build a homemade calorimeter to determine the energy (measured in calories) found in foods like cashews, marshmallows, crackers, and even dog food.

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Scientist's Pick: Pinwheel Magic: Take a Spin with Animation

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Paper airplanes are popular for all ages, and in my house we're continually at work testing new models or trying to memorize the steps of favorite, tried-and-true designs like the Nakamura Lock. Moving outside, however, opens up aerodynamic and…

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