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If you think arsenic poisoning is something relegated to the pages of mystery novels, think again. Arsenic may be in foods you routinely eat—but it's undetectable by taste or smell. How much arsenic in your diet is safe? Number 33 on…

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A student's investigation into biofuel finds support and mentorship in the Science Buddies Ask an Expert forums.

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Image: Wikipedia. The following Science Buddies activities appear as part of Scientific American's Bring Science Home: Starch Power: Generating Gooey Gels (full Project Idea) Earthquake-Proof Engineering for Skyscrapers (full Project…

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Science Buddies' Topic Selection Wizard zeroes in on the perfect project for a student curious about the pulmonary illness affecting her family. While completing her project, this student gained hands-on experience in life sciences and a better understanding of how exercise can keep lungs healthy.

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Ahhh.... the allure of the marshmallow shooter... I know it captivated my young Maker Faire attendees last spring... I know adult family members who send marshmallow launcher kits, right along with RC helicopters, model rockets, circuit kits, and…

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