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A top math and science student, fifteen-year-old Jack Andraka swept the 2012 Intel ISEF with his pancreatic cancer screening test. His project involved countless hours in the lab, a determined search for a mentor, and loads of perseverance. …

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You've heard the phrase, "once in a blue moon"? The phrase often refers to something unusual or rare. A "blue moon" doesn't happen every day—or even every year. As the infographic below from explains, the name of this event has…

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This science teacher at Brawerman Elementary School in Los Angeles views Science Buddies as an indispensable classroom partner.

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A fourth grade student in LA put distracted drivers to the test with a familiar video game.

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A 6th-grader combines his interests in chemistry and renewable energy with a particular goal in mind: to save the world with science! By Kim Mullin Matthew Early, pictured above, turned his enthusiasm for renewable energy into a winning…

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A Science Buddies Ask an Expert advisor guides a budding microbiologist through a project on the scourge of the teenage years: acne! By Kim Mullin In his senior-year science project, Matthew Brewer (pictured above) tackled a problem…

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