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Fourth Grade, Cosmetic Chemistry Science Projects (1 result)

Cosmetic chemistry—thousands of personal care products line store shelves. From hair care and lotions to makeup and perfume, consumers have a wide range of choices. It takes science to develop and test products to improve them, offer new benefits, and ensure safety.

Learn more about the science involved in product development while making, testing, and comparing toiletry items in these hands-on science projects.

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Do you care about the look and feel of your skin? Then you probably know that your skin prefers to be well hydrated (moisturized). Dry skin often cracks, gets inflamed easily, and looks dull. If you go to the store, you will find many skin care products that promise to hydrate your skin. Among them are cosmetic face masks (sometimes called facial masks) that you put on your face to provide the skin with water and nutrients. In this science project, you will make your own hydrogel face masks… Read more
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