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Have you ever stopped and thought about all the ways science and engineering keep you safe? The fire-resistant uniforms firefighters wear were developed by materials scientists. The United States 911-emergency telephone system is the product of many engineers and telecommunication specialists. Tornado shelters are built by construction experts based on scientific data and design testing by engineers. Even the soap you use is specially formulated by chemists to keep you safe and healthy by washing away dirt and germs!

Explore the projects below to try your own hand at safety science and read more about how different STEM careers keep our family, friends, and communities safe.

Science Projects

Traffic Safety

Safety Science and Driving
Safety Science and Reflective Clothing
Safety Science and Reaction Time
Safety Science Traffic Glove
How well do people drive when they are distracted?
Can the right clothes make pedestrians more visible to drivers?
Could talking on the phone affect how fast a driver can hit the brakes?
Build a light-up glove to help direct traffic more safely at night.

Health Safety

Safety Science and Medicine Containers
Safety Science CPR
Safety Science and Disinfectants
Safety Science Flu Vaccine
How important is the design of a medicine container for safety?
Create a tutorial for saving lives with hands-only CPR.
Will wiping a kitchen counter with a disinfectant really kill all the germs?
How do flu vaccines and hand washing prevent the spread of viruses?

Community Safety

Safety Science and Radon Detection
Safety science and football helmets
Safety Science and Clean Water
Safety Science RFID Block
Radon gas can be deadly. Make a detector to see if it is in your home.
How likely to suffer a high-impact hit are the players on your sports team?
Can filtering help increase access to clean water?
Design solutions to protect private data from being stolen.

Emergency Safety

Safety Science Robot Vehicles
Safety Science Tsunami
Safety Science and Earthquakes thumbnail
Safety Science and Oil Spills thumbnail
Build and test your own search and rescue robot.
Can beach structures stop a tsunami's destructive force?
Do some soil types help houses stay standing in a quake?
Can nanotechnology help clean up oil spills in the ocean?

Safety Science in the News

Science Jobs that Save Lives

While many science, technology, engineering and math jobs work on issues that keep people safe, the jobs listed here have an everyday impact on safety and saving lives. While this list gives you a broad overview, there are many, many more STEM career paths that involve safety science.

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