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What traits are heritable? How different is your DNA from a frog's, a mouse's or even your relative's? Can your genes tell doctors what is the right dose of a medicine for your body? These are the types of questions scientists are answering with genetics and genomics. By studying individual genes as well as genomes, the whole set of DNA belonging to an organism, scientists hope to get a more complete understanding of how our bodies work and develop better disease treatments.

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STEM Activity
Have you ever wondered why biological siblings look so much alike? Why do they often share physical traits, such as hair color or eye color? It all has to do with their genes. Genes are passed on from parents to their offspring. This means that you share some of the same genes with your biological parents and siblings! In this activity, you will use an alien model to demonstrate how genes or physical traits are passed on from parents to their offspring. How similar will your alien siblings look? Read more
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