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Mammalian Biology STEM Activities for Kids (1 result)

Do you love furry animals — studying them or even playing with them? Maybe you wonder why your pet loves that certain ball, or shakes hands with one paw more than the other. Or maybe you are curious about how bats navigate through the dark. Then you're sure to enjoy learning about mammalian biology with your pet or other friendly animals you know!

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Have you ever woken up on a cold, frosty morning and just wanted to snuggle down deeper under the covers? Animals, like puppies and piglets, do not like being cold either, but they do not have hands or blankets to wrap themselves up. So when animals get chilled, they change their behavior and do things like huddle – they curl up close to other animals. In this science activity, you’ll see just how much huddling can help reduce heat loss. Read more
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