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The human population on Earth is now more than 7.5 billion, and growing quickly. With more and more of us living an energy-intensive, modern lifestyle, the environmental stresses from human activity continue to increase. Greenhouse gases leading to global warming and fertilizer runoff resulting in marine "dead zones" are just two examples of large-scale environmental impacts from human activity. See how science, engineering and technology can help us take good care of our environment while still enjoying the comforts of a modern lifestyle.

STEM Activity
Do you know where your drinking water is coming from? Sure, it comes out of your faucet, but how does it get there? Drinking water all over the world originates from either surface waters—such as lakes, reservoirs, and rivers—or from underground sources, such as groundwater. But would you want to drink water straight from a river or lake? Probably not; they can be really dirty and muddy! To become clean and safe, this water first has to undergo several treatment processes; the first… Read more
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