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Weather & Atmosphere Videos (3 results)

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

- Charles Dudley Warner

Weather and atmospheric science offer lots of opportunities for interesting explorations. It's a satisfyingly complex area, with lots of online resources so you can make your project as easy or as advanced as you want. And when you're done, you'll have a science fair project everyone can talk about.

Unsure of what the steps of the scientific method are? Not sure how to apply the scientific method? Watch how we use the scientific method to explore the science of popping boba – fun juice filled balls that pop in your mouth. You can find more information about each step of the scientific method at https://sbgo.org/steps-of-the-scientific-method Science Buddies also hosts a library of instructions for over 1,500 other hands-on science projects, lesson plans, and fun activities for K-12…
Model the water cycle in a bag by following this fun science activity. Follow the instructions and With a few simple materials you can experiment and discover where rain comes from and what clouds are made of.
On 3 January 2014 the spring tide combined with a south-westerly gale. The tide rarely comes over the grass at this semi-estuarine location, however on this occasion the marshes that are normally grazed by sheep became, just for a few hours, the sea.
Free science fair projects.