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Medical Biotechnology Videos (2 results)

You already know that medicines like antibiotics and aspirin can make you feel better when you are sick, but how do researchers find new medicines? Do medications work the same way for everyone? How can we use medicine to treat genetic diseases?

Unsure of what the steps of the scientific method are? Not sure how to apply the scientific method? Watch how we use the scientific method to explore the science of popping boba – fun juice filled balls that pop in your mouth. You can find more information about each step of the scientific method at https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/science-fair/steps-of-the-scientific-method?from=YouTube. Science Buddies also hosts a library of instructions for over 1,500 other hands-on…
A lot of medication comes in the form of pills that you need to swallow. But not all pills are the same! Some look like little capsules, others are made of pressed powder. Why are there different types of pills? The reason is that different types of pills release their medication into the body in different ways. Delayed-release pills, for example, have a specific coating that slowly dissolves to release its medication only some time after the pill has been swallowed. The project presented in…
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