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A Saucy Thanksgiving

Cooking lets kids explore scientific concepts—with delicious results! Head to the kitchen this Thanksgiving for some tasty kitchen chemistry!

A Saucy Thanksgiving / Cranberry Sauce and Gravy Science Experiments

Through Thick and Thin

What would Thanksgiving be without cranberry sauce and gravy? These two condiments add flavor and moisture to turkey and mashed potatoes, and they can even disguise the taste of Brussels sprouts!

Ideally, cranberry sauce and gravy are thick and viscous, rather than thin and watery. So how do cooks transform the raw ingredients into sauces with the perfect texture? In the case of cranberry sauce, pectin in the fruit acts as a thickener, while creating the perfect gravy requires starch—usually from flour. Can you find the ideal combination of ingredients and cooking time to create yum-inducing sauces? Put on your chef's hat and give it a try with these Science Buddies activities:

Making Connections

Students interested in science questions related to cooking or food science may also enjoy the following hands-on science project ideas:

Save Room for Dessert Science!

If pie or cheesecake is on the menu for your Thanksgiving celebration, don't miss these posts:


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