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Compare Sports Drinks with the Electrolyte Challenge

With the Electrolyte Challenge science kit and project, students analyze the electrolytes in various sports drinks and juices. How does simple orange juice stand up to the electrolyte boost in sports drinks?

With its combination of electronics and chemistry, the Electrolyte Challenge is a popular student science project at Science Buddies. Using a simple circuit and a sensor made from a straw and a bit of bare wire, students can investigate the electrolytes in popular sports drinks, juices, and waters. Using a multimeter to measure the conductance of different drinks, it is easy to compare the drinks in terms of electrolyte content. The results might be surprising!

Which drinks have the most electrolytes? Are all sports drinks the same? Does it matter if a drink is sugar-free when it comes to electrolyte balance? Is a favorite sports drink worth the price when it comes to replenishing electrolytes? Put your favorites to the test with this hands-on STEM project!

(Note: the Electrolyte Challenge Sensor Kit is a convenient science kit that contains the specialty items needed for this project. You will still need to supply the liquids to be tested and some other household materials.)

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