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Three new Science Kits for K-12 STEM

Science kits from Science Buddies make getting the right specialty items easy. New kits are now available for popular bath bomb, magnetism, and chemical reaction projects. What will your students explore?

Side-by-side images of three science kits for magnetism and temperature, bath bombs, and measuring gas production

Three new science kits from Science Buddies!

When it comes to student science projects, Science Buddies has more than 1,100 engaging scientist- and engineer-authored ideas for students, and our Topic Selection Wizard helps students discover projects that match their interests. All project ideas at Science Buddies are free for student use, and the list of materials required varies by project. Science Buddies' search tool helps students filter projects by the estimated cost of materials, and in many cases, the materials needed for a project are easy to find and purchase. With more advanced or specialized projects, however, finding the right supplies can be more difficult. Since having the right supplies can make the difference between a project working or not, Science Buddies has a line of science kits designed and tested specifically for Science Buddies' project procedures. All Science Buddies Kits are sold exclusively through Home Science Tools.

Exciting New Science Kits

The following kits are new to the Science Buddies line of kits:

Check the Project Requirements

Science Buddies Kits come with specialty materials, but most projects also require additional materials that are easy, and often cheaper, to find locally. All projects that work with a science kit note the supplies that come in the kit and additional supplies that are also required. Check the "Materials" tab on individual Science Buddies projects for a clear list of supplies needed.

Convenient Science Kits

Science Buddies has science kits for a range of popular K-12 STEM explorations, including projects in robotics, engineering, nanotechnology, and biochemistry.

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