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Science Buddies Teacher Dashboard

The new Teacher Dashboard gives teachers a one-stop spot to manage Science Buddies assignments for Google Classroom!

Science Buddies Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is now available! The Teacher Dashboard provides a centralized place for Google Classroom teachers to view their science classes and Science Buddies assignments. This new feature on the Science Buddies website makes it even easier to assign and manage STEM assignments using Science Buddies and Google Classroom.

Once logged in at Science Buddies using a Google Classroom teacher account, teachers can view their classes and Science Buddies assignments for each class and can easily access student submissions, assign scores, and return assignments.

The following walkthrough highlights some of the new Teacher Dashboard features.

Log in as a Google Classroom Teacher

To use Science Buddies with Google Classroom, you need to log in as a Google Classroom teacher and have an active class in Google Classroom with students enrolled. (If you are not yet using Google Classroom, visit Google's About Classroom resource to learn more and get started.)

To log in at Science Buddies as a Google Classroom teacher, choose the "Google Classroom" option and select the green "Log in as a Teacher" button. (Note: You will always log in this way at Science Buddies. You will have a Science Buddies username, but you will need to always use the green Google Classroom teacher button to log in.)

Log in as a Google Classroom teacher at Science Buddies

After logging in, you can access your Teacher Dashboard by clicking the link that appears along the top of the website.

Access the Teacher Dashboard once logged in as a Google Classroom teacher

(Once logged in, the Teacher Dashboard is also accessible from your My Science Buddies page.)

Teacher Dashboard: My Classes

The main screen of the Teacher Dashboard shows all of the classes you are currently teaching:

Teacher Dashboard / My Classes

As shown above, on the My Classes page, you will see a block for each class you teach. Inside each "class" block, you will see the Class Name, Period, number of students, and the number of Science Buddies assignments you have made. If you have assigned Science Buddies materials, the blue "View Assignments" button will be shown. Clicking this button will open the My Assignments page.

Teacher Dashboard: My Assignments

On the My Assignments page, you will see all Science Buddies assignments you have made for the selected class:

Teacher Dashboard / My Assignments

In each assignment block, you will see the assignment title, due date, points possible, and the number of students who have completed the assignment. "Done" represents the number of submissions that have been received but have not yet been returned; "Not Done" reflects the number of students who have not turned in the assignment. "Returned" reflects the number of submissions you have reviewed and returned to students. To view and manage submissions, click the blue "View Submissions" button.

Teacher Dashboard: Student Submissions

The Student Submissions page enables you to easily see which students have or have not submitted an assignment. From this page, you can view the status of each student's assignment, the score (if you have graded a submission), and the time the student spent on the resource. The blue buttons allow you to score and return a student's submission or view a submission that you have already returned.

Teacher Dashboard / Student Submissions

From the Teacher Dashboard, teachers can easily see and manage Science Buddies assignments. Try it today and let us know what you think!

Try the Teacher Dashboard

To get started using Science Buddies with Google Classroom, visit the Google Classroom Integration page at Science Buddies. You will find ideas for science assignments as well as highlighted assignment flows for the Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process project guides.

To learn more about using the Create Assignment button, see Your Digital Classroom: Try the Create Assignment Button at Science Buddies.

With more than 1,000 pages of assignable content available, what will you assign?

Problems logging in? Keep in mind that you need to be logged in at Science Buddies as a Google Classroom teacher to use these features. Also, you can't make assignments for an empty class or without an active class. If you have additional questions, please check our Google Classroom Integration FAQ.

We welcome your feedback on using Science Buddies with Google Classroom. To share your story or feedback, email

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