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What's your Periodic Table style? Do you like things: light (He)? with a bit of patina (Cu)? on the salty side (Na)? noxious (N)? fire-retardant (Br)? metallic (In)? radioactive (Pu)? With 118 elements on the Periodic…

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This 2nd-grade student, won 2nd place with his a science project about fertilizer.

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Cedar Waxwing. Source: Wikipedia. Field Scientists Putting Today's Science in the Hands of Students Recent additions to the Science Buddies library of Project Ideas utilize animal movement data from Among the field scientists…

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Students who completed one of the projects listed can enter our iTunes gift card giveaway.

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With over 40,000 versions, MIT Media Lab's new logo is computer-driven design. Students can begin creating and exploring their own image-oriented applications--and algorithms--using MIT's Scratch programming environment.

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Courtney Corda, AKA "Science Mom," appeared in a video segment (Episode 6) of Mom's Homeroom this week with a roundup of great tips for parents whose students are doing science projects or preparing for the school science fair. Walking a group…

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Roller coasters? Pinball machine design? Model planes? Stop motion animation? Renewable energy? "Myth-busting" (putting those science stories to the test)? Video game programming? Kite flying? Greenhouse gardening? Cooking? Photography? Medicine?…

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Sometimes, rolling up your sleeves and recreating the wheel really is the best way to understand from the inside out what is happening, how something works, and what the science at hand really means. Patience, ingenuity, and a DIY attitude make these homemade (or "tweaked") instruments a fun and functional way to explore sound and music.

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[Editorial Note: Amy, whose blog entry appears below, is one of several "Science Moms" at Science Buddies!] Image source: screenshot from video trailer of The Case of the Terrible T. rex. We love our math and our science and our…

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As a straight-A high school student, Natalie Portman (a.k.a. Queen Amidala) was a semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search, a prestigious, and highly competitive, national science competition.

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