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The classic game of Galaga provided inspiration for this sixth grade student as he designed his own video game to learn more about the role of hit boxes in creating a successful game.

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Investigate how sugar and sugar substitutes compare in terms of sweetness in this family science activity spotlight.

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With more data flowing in than most of us can ever hope to sift through, infographics have emerged as a viewer-friendly way to convey data-driven information.

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Heading outdoors lets kids experience real-world applications of their classroom learning. What can you learn on a field trip to a pond or stream?

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This sixth grade student took a comparative look at the change in intensity of a star's light in relation to its distance. She ended up with a winning combination of math and physics!

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What happens when you bend your favorite candy in half? If you put it in the freezer first, will the candy behave differently? Put it to the test with a family science activity!

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