Eleventh Grade Human Biology & Health Science Projects (3 results)

Isn't the human body incredible? From the complex systems that make it work to the numerous ways we're able to cure illnesses, there are so many fascinating subjects to study when it comes to human biology and health. Are you interested in subjects like how the body works, how best to keep it working, and how to cure everything from a common cough to cancer? If so, explore your interests by tackling one of the human biology and health projects from our collection.

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Science Fair Project Idea
Maple syrup on pancakes, ripe bananas, and soft drinks are all foods that are tasty to us because of the sugar in them. But did you know there are different kinds of sugar? One food can have multiple kinds of sugar in it, and our bodies actually process the different types of sugars differently. In this science project, you will measure the concentration of two sugars—glucose and sucrose—in different foods, and investigate how sucrose is converted into glucose with the help… Read more
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Time Required Very Short (≤ 1 day)
Prerequisites None
Material Availability A Sugar Metabolism Kit containing most of the specialty supplies needed for this project is available from our partner .
Cost Average ($50 - $100)
Safety No issues
Science Fair Project Idea
Do you hate shots? Do you complain about paper cuts? Imagine if you had to give yourself shots a couple of times a day, as well as prick your finger, on purpose, even more frequently. Of course, if you have diabetes you do not have to imagine this; it is your reality. People who have diabetes usually need to keep close track of how much sugar is in their blood (called their blood glucose levels) by testing a drop of blood from a finger prick. If there is too much sugar in their blood, some… Read more
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Time Required Average (6-10 days)
Prerequisites Some familiarity with electronic circuits and using breadboards would be helpful, though it is not required for this project. Completion of a basic chemistry class is also recommended before trying this project.
Material Availability A pump and other electronics parts must be specially ordered to do this project. See the Materials list for details. Estimated project time includes shipping of specialty components.
Cost Average ($40 - $80)
Safety Some parts of the circuit can get warm during normal operation. Do not leave the circuit operating when unattended. Be very careful with your wiring to prevent short circuits from happening; short circuits can get very hot and cause plastic parts of the circuit to melt.
Science Fair Project Idea
Did you know that some teachers give their students a peppermint candy on state testing days? Is it to give the kids sweet-smelling breath? Or are the teachers hoping for something more on the important testing day? In this human biology science fair project, you'll explore whether or not peppermint influences scores on different types of tests. Read more
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Time Required Long (2-4 weeks)
Prerequisites An introduction to statistics.
Material Availability All volunteers must have access to a personal computer with Internet access.
Cost Very Low (under $20)
Safety No issues