First Grade Zoology Science Projects (11 results)

Animals have developed an amazing variety of body plans, behaviors, and strategies in order to succeed in the struggle for survival. Whether you are interested in regeneration, camouflage, animal migration, or how to attract hummingbirds we have the perfect animal project for you in our collection.

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You might like to play in the autumn leaves and winter snow, but have you noticed that many birds don't like to stick around for the cold weather? And instead of the birds you're used to seeing in the warm months, your new feathered friends might be Canada geese. Why is that? Various types of birds and other animals travel from one place to another either in search of food, warmer temperatures, or other things they need to survive. This type of traveling is called migration. Try starting… Read more
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Time Required Average (6-10 days)
Prerequisites You need access to a place where you can feed birds, such as ducks, geese, pigeons, or seagulls. See the Experimental Procedure for more details.
Material Availability Readily available
Cost Low ($20 - $50)
Safety No issues
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