Second Grade Zoology Science Projects (6 results)

Animals have developed an amazing variety of body plans, behaviors, and strategies in order to succeed in the struggle for survival. Whether you are interested in regeneration, camouflage, animal migration, or how to attract hummingbirds we have the perfect animal project for you in our collection.

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Do ants sometimes ruin your picnic? There are some chemical ant repellents you can spray to keep them away, but who wants to spray poison all over their food? In this science project you can investigate some less toxic solutions that may be around your home so that your next picnic will not become an ant buffet! Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
In the wild there are two types of animals: the hunters and the hunted. A good predator is always on the prowl for fresh prey. What can an animal do to stay off of the menu? To survive, some animals use camouflage so they can better blend in with their surroundings. In this science project, you will be the hungry predator hunting for M&M® prey. But it may not be as easy as it sounds — some of your prey will be camouflaged by their habitat. Will they be able to avoid your grasp? … Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Humans are bipedal, which means we walk using two legs. This gave humans an adaptive advantage during the evolution of humankind. Being bipedal gave humans additional speed, balance and flexibility used for walking, hunting or traveling long distances. However, we may have lost the ability to climb or swing in trees like other primates. How much faster can you go when you are bipedal? Have a race with your friends using two legs, and then four legs (use your arms as your 3rd and 4th legs).… Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Baby Beluga may swim in the deep blue sea, but the song does not mention how cold it is out there! Find out in this science project how a bit of blubber can be a useful adaptation when the water is ice cold. Brrrr! Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Earthworms are important for the soil and fun to study. In this science project, you will find where earthworms like to stay when food is around. Will they gather around the food, take food with them in their tunnels, or not be attracted to the food at all? You will fill four pots with dirt, add food and worms, and track their activity over one week to find out! Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
You might like to play in the autumn leaves and winter snow, but have you noticed that many birds don't like to stick around for the cold weather? And instead of the birds you're used to seeing in the warm months, your new feathered friends might be Canada geese. Why is that? Various types of birds and other animals travel from one place to another either in search of food, warmer temperatures, or other things they need to survive. This type of traveling is called migration. Try starting your… Read more
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