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Ocean Sciences Videos (2 results)

About 70% of Earth's surface is covered by oceans but humans have only explored 5% of the ocean! From microscopic phytoplankton to pods of whales and global weather patterns there is a lot left to discover.

Unsure of what the steps of the scientific method are? Not sure how to apply the scientific method? Watch how we use the scientific method to explore the science of popping boba – fun juice filled balls that pop in your mouth. You can find more information about each step of the scientific method at https://sbgo.org/steps-of-the-scientific-method Science Buddies also hosts a library of instructions for over 1,500 other hands-on science projects, lesson plans, and fun activities for K-12…
The Tools & Skills training videos walks you through the tools utilized in building a SeaPerch. These videos are helpful to anyone who has never used power tools and soldering irons. If you have some knowledge and skills in this area, you can move on to assembly videos. Navigate over to the website for more training resources: https://seaperch.org/training/#resources.
Free science fair projects.