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Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 6-8: Physical Science
Creative Egg Drop name Creative Egg Drop name I need a creative name for an egg drop project that I have going on. I am completely brain-dead on thinking of a name and I would really appreciate some help! Re: Creative Egg Drop name Dear AnAries, I would not worry about your project title being creative. It is better for your title to be informative. Your project title should tell a person what you learned from your experiments or at least what your experiments were trying to accomplish.… Read more
Help needed ASAP! Project for science fair Help needed ASAP! Project for science fair Hi there! I am interested in doing a project for my local science fair (in hopes of qualifying for the intel isef) and i was wondering if I could get a bit of help with it. Some information on my project: I am at home due to the covid-19 pandemic and my school is closed so I can’t use the lab. I was thinking of reaching out to a mentor at a local university but I have a parent who works there and it seems… Read more
How can I measure the micro plastic fibers? How can I measure the micro plastic fibers? Hi, I'm planning to compare the amount of micro plastic fibers the washing machine produce at different water temperature for my science fair project. I am going to collect the micro plastic fibers with micro plastic filter. But I'm not sure how I should measure the amount, because I'm pretty sure they will be too light to weigh... I'm going to use different color of clothing for each type of plastic … Read more
Plants & Nutrients Plants & Nutrients if i plant something will i see a significant change in the nutrient content? I want to plant something that doesn't take a long time to grow so I can harvest it quickly Re: Plants & Nutrients Hi Megan, These are important questions for your project! I am sure some additional independent research will help you answer these in more detail (an important aspect of science fair projects is learning how to conduct background research on your… Read more
Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 6-8: Physical Science
Veggie Power- Reuse electrodes? Veggie Power- Reuse electrodes? I am doing an experiment to compare the voltage and current produced by batteries made with different fruits and vegetables. The veggie power kit came with 6 electrodes (3 positive, and 3 negative). I want to compare 3 different fruits and vegetables, but I want to do more than one trial of each one. If I re-use the electrodes in another round of trials, will that affect anything? Do I have to use brand new electrodes every… Read more
Science Fair Nail Polish Procedure Question Science Fair Nail Polish Procedure Question For my science fair project, I'm hoping to determine if the price of nail polish affects its durability. I'm having trouble coming up with a procedure that does not involve painting the nail polish on human hands with real fingernails since that would create too many variables. My parents suggested painting the polish on fake nails and soaking them in water with a small amount of nail polish remover… Read more
Eczema Science Fair Project Eczema Science Fair Project Hello. I am a grade 10 student curious about a science fair project I am interested in. I have suffered from eczema pretty much my whole life and I am very interested in the science behind it so I would love to conduct a science fair project based on it. I have access to a biology lab at my high school. It has an incubator and other basic scientific equipment but not too much. I'm not quite sure about my topic yet, as I'm unsure what I… Read more
Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 6-8: Physical Science
Mixing sulfur with "martian soil" Mixing sulfur with "martian soil" My grandson's science project focuses on materials that will shield Martian colonists from damaging radiation. He has a sample of Martian simulation soil. One science article mentions that this soil can be hardened into bricks with the addition of liquid sulfur. This requires heating the sulfur to 170 degrees fahrenheit and mixing it with the soil in a 50/50 proportion. Can you give him any tips on how… Read more
Help! I need assistance with a procedure for my experiment on organic food. Help! I need assistance with a procedure for my experiment on organic food. I need to test the pesticides in organic vs. conventional foods, as well as other factors to prove my hypothesis that organic food is generally healthier. Can you help me come up with a procedure? My experiment is due in early January. I would greatly appreciate some assistance! : ) A 7th grader Re: Help! I need assistance with a procedure… Read more
3D Modeling of a Drug 3D Modeling of a Drug Hello, My name is Renee Daciuk and I am a first-year researcher. I am currently part of Science Research at my school and I have a project, however need help with certain aspects in my project. I am basing my project off of one on ScienceBuddies, however will be using my own protein and virus. First, let me introduce my project below. Influenza A is an acute viral strain of the respiratory tract that causes the most severe clinical disease and… Read more
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