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Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 9-12: Physical Science
night light project night light project i did everything in the breadboard diagram but its not working please help me Re: night light project Dear student2331, Without additional information, it is difficult to provide help. Are you working on this Science Buddies project? ... ht#summary If so, I would start by making sure the power supply is good. Check that the batteries are good and in the correct position (+/-). Then, consider checking the… Read more
Graph quiz Graph quiz Hello. I cant get any of the answers. One example would be nice Re: Graph quiz Hey Asrawer, Welcome to Science Buddies. The Ask an Expert forums is a place to ask questions about science fair projects. If you have a science fair project that you have questions about, please feel free to share some details so we can get a better idea for how to help you! Otherwise, there are plenty of other… Read more
Marine biology Marine biology Why are fossilized shark teeth more commonly found than more recently lost shark teeth? Not to say it doesn't happen just not everyone seems to actually look for them Re: Marine biology Hi BlueRobin, Welcome to the Ask an Expert forums! This is a place where students, parents, and teachers can ask questions regarding science fair projects. If you are working on a science fair project, feel free to give us some details so that we can help you. Otherwise, there… Read more
Interviewing prisoners for a science fair project Interviewing prisoners for a science fair project [b:2qm1sfat]Intel ISEF: Are student researchers permitted to interview prisoners?[/b:2qm1sfat] Hi. Just to give you a background: I recently entered grade eight, and we are studying in our research subject the framework and guidelines of ISEF and the general research process. Currently, I am working on an assignment about the design of a research project. Our teacher advised us to… Read more
Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 9-12: Physical Science
Magnetic Field Detector Magnetic Field Detector Hi, There are small magnetic detectors that range no more than 5 cm. I want to either boast that detection field or build a new one that at least can detect a field of 30 - 50 cm or a couple of feet. What should I use to do that? Thanks! Re: Magnetic Field Detector Hello, The Ask an Expert form is for students who are working on science fair projects. Is this question related to a science fair project? If so can you tell us a bit more so we… Read more
Dinosaurs and DNA Dinosaurs and DNA One of our Kindergarten students is asking if we can make dinosaur DNA to recreate dinosaurs. He would like an experts advice on how to do this. As his teachers, we understand this clearly isn’t possible but would love some support about how to explain this to him and his classmates as well as some more information on how to explain what DNA is to 5 year olds. Thanks in advance for you expert support! Amanda. Kindergarten Teacher Re: Dinosaurs and… Read more
Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 6-8: Physical Science
QUESTION re: Building a Simple Motor Experiment QUESTION re: Building a Simple Motor Experiment While doing background research concerning the linked experiment below, I discovered that the three parts of a motor are the stator, the rotor, and the commutator. From what I gather, in this experiment, the permanent magnet is the stator and the temporary magnet, or electromagnet, is the rotor. However, what I can't figure out is what plays the role of the commutator. From what I understand, the… Read more
Question about herbal tincture potency? Question about herbal tincture potency? I’m in a nutrition course, and I need to do an experiment based on an assigned topic. I’m most interested in herbs and tinctures, so I want to test the potency of each tincture based on infusion time. I saw you guys had done an experiment with tea and water based on steep time, so I was wondering if the same experiment could be used for alcohol and tinctures? Thank you Re: Question about herbal tincture… Read more
Ask an Expert Topic Forum: Grades 6-8: Physical Science
hydrometer hydrometer Hello[url=].:) We've tried to build a hydrometer with a straw and clay but the results to measure the salinity of water are not accurate. Any ideas as to how to build a hydrometer that would give us accurate results? Thank you! Re: hydrometer Dear himayogi, Thanks for reaching out. I found some alternative approaches to building a hydrometer. They are, naturally, quite similar since the concept behind each is the… Read more
Help with project Help with project Hello, I was thinking about conducting an experiment looking at how ethylene has a different effect on bananas and potatoes. When researching, I found out that ethylene quickens the browning process of bananas, but with potatoes it slows down the growing of sprouts. I started with an idea of comparing the browning of bananas with apples, bananas without apples, potatoes with apples, and potatoes without apples in order to see the different effect ethylene… Read more
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