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Bean Soup Science: Weekly Science Activity Spotlight

Explore the science of making soup from dried beans  / Hand-on STEM experiment

In this week's spotlight: a food science activity for the New Year. Eating black-eyed peas is a New Year's Day tradition in some places, and soaking the peas in water is the first step. Whether you are making black-eyed peas or a soup or stew that uses dried beans, a bit of kitchen science may help speed up the process of rehydrating dried beans (or legumes). What difference does the temperature of the water used to soak the beans make in terms of how long the beans need to soak? Does the same thing happen with all types of dried beans? Put black-eyed peas, split peas, lentils, or other legumes to the test and see what difference temperature makes on your way to preparing a homemade soup to welcome in the New Year and warm up a winter day.

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