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Summer Science Activities for Independence Day!

Celebrate 4th of July or summer with hands-on science activities!

Photo collage of fourth of July themed science projects, including baking soda rockets, rainbow fire, and candy diffusion

Five Fun Picks for 4th of July Science!

Independence Day celebrations often include colorful nighttime fireworks, noisy parades, and refreshing summer treats. Add a STEM twist to the your summer celebrations with one of these five hands-on science activities:

  1. Make a Kazoo: this simple noisemaker will fit right in at a local parade
  2. Launching Homemade Baking Soda Rockets: these paper rockets are fun to try outside as part of the day's festivities
  3. Discover the Flaming Colors of Fireworks: find out how fireworks get their colors with this chemistry activity (A convenient kit is available for this experiment. See also the Rainbow Fire Science Project science project.)
  4. Make Ice Cream in a Bag: ice cream in a bag is a tasty food science activity for all ages
  5. Elephant Toothpaste: make your own elephant toothpaste and learn about chemical reactions
  6. Candy Rainbow: create colorful patterns by mastering the science of diffusion
  7. 3D Print with Sand: No 3D Printer Required!: learn about 3D printing and model the process using sand and glue
  8. LED Dance Glove: Get the Party Started with Your Own Interactive Light Show: with their own light-up glove (or patch), kids can add extra color to the night (For additional sewn circuits and e-textiles projects, see 8 Wearables Science Projects.)

Fireworks, Ice Cream, and Rocket Science Projects in Action

See the videos below to see some of the highlighted projects and activities in action.

Explore More!

For other summer-themed science and engineering projects and activities, see:

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