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Explore Magnification with a Drop of Water: Weekly Science Spotlight

Explore Magnification with a Drop of Water / Physics family STEM activity.

What happens when you look through water at something below it? Does the object (or image) appear larger? Does it appear smaller? How much larger or smaller? It may depend on the shape of the water. Viewing something through a drop of water may make the object or image appear larger. Viewing through a layer of water in a container like a cup, on the other hand, may have a different effect because the curvature of the water is different. (The size of the drop of water may also make a surprising difference, so get ready to compare!)

Students and families can explore the physics behind magnification and how the curvature of a layer or drop of water affects the magnifying properties of the water by doing a hands-on science project or activity that puts the physics on display using a simple water-based lens!

Making connections

Curious about the droplet of water and how it forms and appears to hold together as a drop? Get hands-on with another family science exploration that takes a look at surface tension!

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